The Project

Ormiston Trust, together with the Association of Sail Training Oranisations, The Honourable Company of Master Mariners and Trinity House, have partnered together to create a unique and exciting project. The Leading Lights Project gives Year 10 students from Ormiston academies, the opportunity to participate in a sailing adventure with inspirational leaders in business.

This exciting opportunity will enable students and business people, to work and learn together on board a fully-crewed sailing ship. A professional crew from the Ocean Youth Trust South will be on board to teach the skills required to sail. Both students and professionals alike – many of whom will never have sailed before – will be actively involved in every aspect of sailing the boat, from hoisting and lowering sails, steering, navigation, anchoring, cooking and keeping watch.

At the heart of the project, the aim is to enable the students to recognise that they can achieve more, exceed their own expectations and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Our goal is to increase their resilience and determination to ultimately raise their aspirations in life. The business people will spend time chatting to and coaching the students. This will involve talking to them about aspirations and careers; providing advice, opening-up networks and helping to build the students’ confidence.

Either side of the voyages, each of the Ormiston academies will work with the successful candidates to further the development of their aspirations, and get them thinking about how they might get more involved in their schools and communities. The work will be in the form of sessions around careers, inspirational speakers and much more. We will host an online forum and annual gathering where the students and business leaders can keep in contact. It is our hope that the students will engage with this, and feel proud to share their progress as part of a new support network.

We have been awarded Standard 1 from Project Oracle meaning that we have a project model, Theory of Change and an evaluation plan in place which have all been certified. We will be measuring the outcomes which are produced after the end of the final session in each academy and look forward to sharing our results.