Get involved

The project can only run if we have two key things…

The first, a continuous stream of inspirational business people who’d like to take part. The second, enough sponsorship to enable us to book the voyages!

We are looking to recruit business people who will join Year 10 Ormiston students along with a professional crew on board a sailing boat for an exhilarating adventure. No previous sailing experience is required and all of those taking part will be actively involved in every aspect of sailing the boat. This will vary from hoisting and lowering sails, steering, navigation, anchoring, cooking and keeping watch. Alongside sailing activities, we would like these leaders to share their experiences with the students, talking to them about their careers, providing advice, opening-up networks and helping to build the students’ confidence.

The voyages vary in cost depending on whether the trip is for 4 or 5 nights. The evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation on outdoor adventure learning, tells us that there are positive impacts on self-confidence, self-efficacy and motivation in young people who take part. It has also been measured that the longer the experience away from home, the greater the impacts over a longer period of time.. Therefore it is important that the voyages are of a reasonable length for both the benefits of the students, but equally to ensure that business people have the time to come on board.

If you would like to get involved in either or both of these ways; please email or call us on 0207 266 7940. We look forward to hearing from you!