Voyages 2019

Dates confirmed:

  • Southampton to Gosport – 5th May to 10th May 2019
  • Gosport to Southampton – 12th May to 17th May 2019

Business Leaders Confirmed for 2019

Sophie Carr

Sophie is the founder of Bays Consulting, a micro company that loves telling stories, but not just any stories; ones in which the plots and characters are hidden in data and written in maths.  Having trained as an engineer, she spent her early working career literally living her dream of working with aeroplanes.  It was this role that sparked an interest in probability, leading to eight years of part-time study to gain a PhD in Bayesian Networks and the rest of her career working in statistics and analytics.  Sophie never really had a defined career plan but has enjoyed finding really interesting projects to work on.  One defining aspect of her life and career has been to avoid actually being on the water as she gets seasick on the ferry to France.  Starting out as a complete novice of a sailor, her husband and children encouraged her to join leading lights to see if she can overcome the sickness and develop a love of being on the water, equivalent to that of being in the water (Sophie is an avid swimmer).  Having worked in teams all her life, Sophie is putting her faith in the crew spirit on-board the ship will help everyone achieve their best.

Belinda Cree

Belinda is a freelance filmmaker with two office jobs based in Belfast. After graduating from university in Scotland she has moved back to her native Northern Ireland to pursue a career in film & the arts at large. In her (very limited) spare time she: knits hats, plays the cello and enjoys exploring the outdoors – both land and sea.



Gordon Beverley

Gordon is a self employed business consultant with clients including engineering companies, private security services and the meat industry.
In his spare time, Gordon enjoys being an active member of the community through his local Round Table and being a member of Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Committees for the past 19 years.
Gordon has a great passion for the outdoors – predominantly hiking and motorbiking – and has also travelled extensively in India and Nepal using many different modes of transport.
Although possessing no qualifications in seamanship, Gordon has been a crew member for two weeks per year over the past 8 years on a sailing boat with friends.

Gordon is looking forward to sharing his passion and enthusiasm for meeting different people, experiencing different cultures, enjoying life and ‘seizing the day’.

Tony Brook

Tony works as a Leadership development trainer/facilitator/speaker and does regular work with some the UK’s most prominent companies. He also works regularly with the NHS Leadership academy which he particularly enjoys as the people there really care about what they do. He gained his own management and leadership experience working in food manufacturing, and still retains a lot of useless information about the mass production of biscuits and cakes! Throughout his working life Tony has been passionate about personal development (including his own) and has regularly been a coach and mentor to others both inside and outside of work.Although he loves the outdoors and lists Skiing, Cycling and Hiking amongst his most favourite things, Tony has no sailing experience and is hoping he can find his sea legs pretty quickly and without too much pain!

Tony is looking forward to the sailing challenge and the challenge of using his own varied and numerous life experiences, to help others move onwards and upwards!

Details of additional mentors coming soon.