Outcomes and benefits

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Hortenzia, Claudia and Iboya






We are aiming for the following outcomes for the students who take part:

Intermediate outcomes include:

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased determination and motivation
  • Greater resilience to challenges
  • Greater teamworking and cooporation
  • Expanding horizons and open to learning new things

Longer term outcomes include:

  • Improved educational attainment
  • Improved happiness and wellbeing
  • Improved employability
  • Better engaged in communities/responsible citizens

and overall; increased life chances of the students as they recognise that they can achieve more and their aspirations for their futures will increase as they are more resilient and determined to do better in their lives. 

For the business people who take part:

  • Unique development opportunity for staff
  • Hands on volunteer work giving a sense of achievement and empowerment
  • Imparting knowledge of potential futures for the young people and giving an insight into the world of work
  • Addressing the agenda of young people aspiring to become leaders in their chosen field
  • Increasing awareness of young people’s issues
  • Investing in communities
  • Engaging current and future customers/employees
  • Positive brand awareness in association with a leading charitable trust
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Business networking

2018 is the pilot year of the project and we have set up an evaluation plan whereby we hope to be able to prove some, if not all of the short terms outcomes after the voyage. The longer term outcomes will be harder to monitor as the students eventually leave school and we can no longer keep track of them. The evaluation plan aims to capture these outcomes however, whilst the girls are still at school, in order to provide at least an indication that the project contributes to achieve the ultimate aim.

The project will also undertake some work before and after the voyage, in the shape of sessions in academies which staff leads are working on in order that the project isn’t a one off experience. The sessions will give the students the opportunity to explore their aspirations even further and after the voyage. We are also asking that the business people and the students will keep in touch through an online forum and an annual gathering. This will create a feeling of being part of something bigger and it is hoped that the students will engage with this and feel able to give updates on their progression.